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You're Changing the World for the Better

Our thoughts can create our reality and can be a confronting and healing opportunity for us to take notice of what thoughts and words come up for us, especially in challenging times of physical or emotional pain, grief, loss, frustration or anger at someone or something in our present or past. Equally as interesting, is to see what pops up for us when we get to experience emotions that are a contrast like joy, bliss, awe, gratitude, abundance, peace and freedom (these are my faves!) When we choose to tune into our strength and courage to cultivate some awareness with compassionate curiosity, we get to fully experience all that life creates for us. It’s a daily practice of shedding these layers of perception, usually based on the inherited beliefs we've picked up from the people around us as we navigate this life, perceived beliefs in what we “should” look like, think like, talk like, move like, live like, love like

The gift in practicing this awareness is, like one of my beautiful sisters has shared with me, "it’s not about feeling better, it’s about getting better at feeling!" How do we even start this journey of self-discovery then? Whatever feels good for you! Your process is your process, so it doesn't "need/should/must" look any particular way. You are the one that lives with the choices you choose to make, no one else. You know your body, mind and soul best, and what really lights you up! The exciting part is exploring and connecting with the people and self-care rituals that can guide you in this journey, because we can't do it all on our own and we are never alone in what we are feeling. An affirmation you could start tuning into, which I use most days: "I create firm foundations for myself and for my life. I choose my beliefs to support me joyously."

An incredibly powerful and resonant book that could help you tune into your power in expanding your way of thinking, being and doing, is a short and easy read, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: - Be impeccable with your word, by being mindful of the words and thoughts we speak and think about ourselves and others - Don’t take anything personally, giving our power to peoples positive and negative opinions takes away our inner power to validate our own enoughness, worthiness and sense of belonging - Don’t make assumptions (a beautiful reminder Dad would say to me but not really practice ), creating a story for what we think "could" be the scenario again takes away our power - Always do your best, applying this practice to the first three guides us to develop these agreements and also allowing yourself the reality that your best will look different each moment of the day depending on your energy (e.g sick or well)

The articulation of these relevant and empowering principles, is about the essence of our true nature. The true nature that we can get pulled away from, based on the beliefs projected onto us growing up, from the people around us at school, mahi, friends and/or whanau. Everyone did their best based on what they knew, we know what we know and we don't know what we don't know. WE GET TO explore how something or someone is teaching us about an area of our life we may not be free in, YET! What we got to receive and learn vs blaming and maybe feeling resentment towards someone or something that “made us feel” a certain way. So the next opportunity when something or someone challenges you, maybe ask which of the agreements is showing up for me in this moment?

And allow yourself to feel what you feel, think what you think, and show up as you are, because this journey isn't pretty and not just sunshine and rainbows!

Janine Lowe

ReDefined Health and Movement Coach

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