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I have absolutely enjoyed my start to being a member at Redefined. In 4 weeks I have felt more energy, for the first time I don't wake up stiff and struggle with movement out of bed. I had no idea my stress levels were affecting my body the way they were and the all-around benefits from the classes have immensely changed how I feel emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. The environment is so friendly and the staff are amazing, the eye to detail of technic and the care to well being is ten out of ten. I had put on 20kgs over the past 4 years and been so concerned about losing weight I lost sight of my well-being, Redefined has enabled me to just concentrate on caring about my body by applying myself correctly to the programs and training they offer and all else will fall into place. I so highly recommend Redefined, it is a 5-star 10 out of 10 for me.


A really great gym. There’s a beautiful culture here, everyone is very friendly, the classes are great and the instructors seem to have a real passion for what they do, they are also very knowledgeable. An amazing atmosphere to train in, love it!


Hi Jimmy, I'm honestly blown away, everything and everyone is amazing! The consideration and effort you guys have put into every aspect to ensure your members have an amazing experience is glaringly obvious and greatly appreciated. From the comprehensive yet super user-friendly app to childcare, to the range and accessibility of such holistic health-promoting classes and services! You guys have nailed it. Wish I signed up years ago!! 


I have loved all the classes at Redefined, it really has everything I could have wished for under one roof. Each of the three group fitness studios compliments each other so well. It’s been incredible to see my strength, flexibility, alignment, fitness, and mindfulness improve over the last 6 months. 


I have been lucky enough to have Beth, Sam, Jac, and Paul in the Pilates room. They have all been so amazing at motivating me & guiding me through the correct alignment. Thanks so much for all your help. 


In the yoga room, I’ve had the pleasure of being guided by the lovely yoga crew of Sasha, Mel, Bex, Jac & Matte and they all guide you through such radiant yoga practices and meditations. Namaste to each of you for all that you bring to make it extra special.


JLo, Ben, Sam, Renee & Jimmy really kick my a** in the performance room. They all really push me to be the best I can be and really empty my tank. Thanks for your guidance around technique and words of encouragement to smash it out!


Last but in no way least in the gorgeous Mel, seeing your lovely smiling face before and after class is so welcoming and you have made me feel so accepted and part of the tribe. 


To everyone at Redefined (both staff and crew) thanks for making it so special. It’s so great to see everyone enjoying themselves & working hard. Keep up the good work! 


Redefined is an incredible place! I had the pleasure of training with Ben prior to Redefined opening and was always looking forward to seeing his (and Jimmy’s) vision come to life. On the training front, Redefined is a continuation and expansion on the great start


Ben had already given me one-on-one sessions, but with the added advantage of now having a team to draw on for support, and a community of like-minded people (the Tribe) to make the thought of exercise far less daunting. In the space of 5 months, the entire team at Redefined has created a space where I could recover properly from knee surgery and calibrate what sustainable exercise looks like for me – whether that is lying on a reformer Pilates bed (Beth!), stretching on a yoga mat (Lena!), or on the receiving end of the proverbial whip in the performance studio. That’s the beauty about this place – whether you are high or low on energy, you will probably still end up heading along because you know you will be able to find something to suit your motivation levels – even if that’s simply a loving smile and the warmest of hugs from the front desk (Mel!).


So thankful to be a part of this community and hats off to the entire Redefined crew


I really do appreciate what you do guys.

I have been always going to normal gym and classes for about 6 years now. I was really looking forward when you going to open your place as it’s what I have been looking for ages.


Everything in one place. I love performance training, when I need more rest for my body I can do yoga or Pilates.  I love you are offering all things like scan, nutrition, personal training, beauty, and massage treatments. Really looking forward for coffee over there if I do the morning class. Also thank you for offering infra sauna and all the workshops!


It’s awesome to be part of this community and can’t wait for the farmers market!!!  I can’t give you any negative feedback as there is nothing to say.  Only positive things I can see and feel!


Just stay awesome, keeps going with your amazing work and people. Also really appreciate everyone who is working at Redefined!!! 


 Stay awesome!  Thanks, Kami


 So impressed with Redefined! I've never enjoyed a gym more. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to think about how hard it is for stay-at-home mums to exercise and for making solutions so we can do it! Being able to exercise while 'on the clock' is such a treat for me and my boys are so happy and love going for a play which makes it guilt-free. Thanks to Lenka for looking out for us and always being so friendly and accommodating. Also, I am so impressed with Vic and her classes. It's a type of class I would usually feel a bit intimidated to do but I'm surprisingly and thoroughly enjoying it. Vic always makes me feel so comfortable yet always makes sure that I am working out in a safe manner and I have already learnt a lot in terms of technique etc. She has created such a friendly, supportive class that I really enjoy going to. I also love the balance where I can go to my yoga classes as well as it's always difficult to choose when you don't want to have 2 memberships at different places. For someone who only called up to do a Saturday morning pregnancy yoga class, I am so pleased that Lenka encouraged me to come and check it all out and I'm loving being a member.


 Hi, thanks for providing an opportunity to submit feedback On my experience with Redefined so far. Really happy to have joined.


Everything has been positive from the front desk to the lessons provided. The instructors for the yoga are amazing. They are very knowledgeable and very supportive.


The classes cater to different levels of abilities and every effort is appreciated. The studio setting is conducive to a positive learning experience. Great sound system and very quiet.


My only suggestion for improvement would be more classes-open on Saturday avo and Sunday. Ha ha -but you need a break!


I just wanted to say that everyone at Redefined has been AMAZING!

I decided to go back about 3 weeks ago, started off with just a bit of Pilates and Yoga, the odd 9.15 strength class...went to Metcon this morning at 6.15, and absolutely loved it! (Serious muscle burn coming but so stoked to survive a performance room class as have been wanting to get back in there!) Sam and the team in Pilates are awesome, love how there is more variety in there now.
Just had to rave about how awesome it is being back, so thanks to you all! (And Jade is so good with Lochlan )


I just wanted to message you with some positive feedback and say how incredible this space really is. I have been to so many gyms and I have never experienced the care and knowledge that you all bring to this facility and the members. It goes above and beyond and I am so glad to have landed in a community that encourages and welcomes everyone. The performance room is easily my favourite space to be in, Ben, Jimmy & Sam - You always bring the hype and make sure we have the technique down pact - Which I love.

After injuring myself last week, I was really astounded at the follow-up and care you all showed in aiding my recovery! Things like this don't go unnoticed and are really what makes this hub stand out so significantly above the rest - You genuinely care for each member and their complete wellbeing.


For the first time in a long time, I feel empowered & strong, and so excited about getting to class every morning! I could keep rambling, but I will stop here


Just a massive thank you from me - I totally love this place :)



In 6 months you can be in a completely different place.I joined Redefined, after pretty much 3 years since I closed my fitness studio.

I have never in my life been surrounded by so many like-minded and hearted people who genuinely care about your well-being as much as their own.

I am excited every day to go and train and the results I have gained have been much deeper than just the norm Fat loss or weight loss, it has helped me develop strength and trust in myself as a person and helped unlock parts of me I had kept locked out of conditioning or learnt behaviors or habits.

The Importance of self-worth and being valued is immense and I feel very appreciated and valued as a member and part of the crew. I am forever grateful for the support love and acceptance and am excited for what’s next.

These pics are a highlight of the past 6 months if anyone would love to come to try a class with me you are welcome to come as my guest so reach out to me. Thanks for igniting my calling and passion for fitness again.


Wow, Redefined, what a team, what an awesome opportunity!  My health and wellbeing journey began just over two years ago when I had a light bulb moment that it was time to look after myself better.  Thankfully, that new journey introduced me to the wonderful Mel and Ben who were right behind me with pure enthusiasm from the very beginning and were part of celebrating and helping me embrace my achievements and goals and guiding me to understand my whole self better along with some lifestyle choices and options I could choose to take.    


For me personally, I needed the whole package of mindset, fitness, nutrition, and support to compliment one another and to get me on track and build my confidence.  With that support I have managed to lose and maintain a total of 25.2kgs from my very first bio-scan with Ben, through until today.  My weight was a big thing for me in the beginning but as time progressed and the routine of new habits and lifestyle set in, the lifestyle and the benefits that both myself and my family have gained is the encouragement to keep going. 


I was so excited to be able to become a part of the Redefined tribe and I just love the option of having so many opportunities of wellness on offer under the one roof, that make me feel good and leave smiling.  For me, that is the whole package and being able to mix it up from the Performance Room, to the MindBody Room to the Movement Studio is the ultimate.  Each and every staff member’s support and expertise has been outstanding, the vibe of the tribe always feels good, and it is just an awesome place to spend time.  I have never felt judged, pressured or uncomfortable but just encouraged to challenge myself for my own personal goals.  Probably my biggest hurdle is keeping away as I find myself looking at my app to checkout what classes I could do or try.   


My excitement and trust in the team has also been shared now with two of my sons which is pretty cool to know they are in such good hands. 

  Thank you Redefined, I am forever grateful for you giving me a wonderful lifestyle of health and wellbeing opportunities. 

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