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FIVE tips to help you shift to a Healthier Mindset

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Here are a few tips that we discussed at the recent Nutrition Workshop about shifting our mindset from chasing skinny to healthy and happy!

Certain events or experiences in life can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. It is important to shift our mindset so that we can make changes or create positive habits that are sustainable over time.

- Be aware of the way you talk to yourself.

If we constantly tell ourselves that we have no self-control or that we can’t stop eating sugar, then that type of behaviour will continue. Often the things we tell ourselves aren’t actually true so we need an alternative perception to shift to. Eg. “There have been plenty of times that I’ve shown self-control or avoided sugar, if I can do it once, I can do it again”.

- Make health your focus.

This not only sets a good example to others including our children but takes away the need to be fixated on our weight, as the number on the scales does not define us. When we are healthy and happy, we sleep better, we are more energised and weight loss is generally a natural side effect. It’s important to remember we are not always going to be the same weight. Age, hormones and stress can all play havoc on our weight so finding self-compassion and kindness is imperative to being free of all the unnecessary pressure to be thin.

- Adopting a grateful mentality.

A high vibrating, energy receiving, abundant frequency. This is our own personal magic, our means of communicating with the Universe. There are always going to be moments where life throws us a curveball but if you have the ability to appreciate all the good things, you are more equipped to deal with the struggles.

- Relieve the Pressure!

Be aware of all the great achievements you’ve made on your own personal health journey. Your journey is not the same as anyone else’s so there is no need for comparison. Whether you’ve started drinking more water, eating more vegetables or cut back on coffee – these are all wins! Be proud of yourself! Focus less on perfection and more on progression. All the small habits you incorporate overtime are leading you to freedom.

- Stop restricting – start adding.

Instead of placing restrictions on certain foods, focus on all the nutritious foods you can start adding to your plate. If you have something sweet at morning tea, load up your plate with extra salad greens at lunch. There will always be good and bad days but do you best to let it go and focus on finding balance. Tomorrow is always another chance to begin again.

Small shifts in our mindset can lead to great things, being more in tune with our mind and body allows us to eat intuitively, we begin to nourish our body with the fuel that it needs for energy instead of eating to find comfort for whatever it is we are feeling.

What is one thing that you can start doing today to help bring balance, health and happiness back into your life?

Nadia Kettle

Nutritionist and Health Coach

Born Free Coaching

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