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The Power of Choosing to Show Up - By Jlo

Choosing to show up...

Can be, the hardest part for ALL of us! Particularly in the space of "health and fitness".

It can also feel a bit overwhelming, if our PERCEPTION is attached to stories of the past, like:

  • experiences we have had and/or the experiences our friends and family have had and shared with us

  • expectations we put on ourselves and/or what we think others expectations are of what we "SHOULD" look like, eat like, move like, dress like, or BE like.

So by choosing to show up as you are is...

a freaking awesome effort of COURAGE, VULNERABILITIY and CURIOSITY to see how you can EXPAND those PERCEPTIONS to all the incredible ways your body CAN move!

And, CREATE NEW neural pathways for your mind and body to release, OLD ways of thinking, being and doing, so that you can make space for NEW ways of thinking, being and doing!

With a background in competing and coaching CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting over several years, I have learnt and loved so much from all the people and experiences I chose to show up for.

EXPLORING so many different movement modalities and intensities has been bloody CHALLENGING, CONFRONTING and also hugely EXCITING and INTERESTING to see what we can HEAL and TRANSFORM to, when we SEEK that magical space OUTSIDE of our comfort zone!

The most defining moments for me, were BEYOND MOVEMENT, when I EXPANDED my mindset and perceptions of my self-worth and self-love by RELEASING old beliefs and LEARNING new things every single time I got to move my body.

A lot of those moments created the foundations for a huge kete of rituals to tune into daily, especially when I'm in my flow and flying. Because the rituals don't stop if I'm feeling good. Practicing consistency, helps strengthen our resilience and commitment to Self when we are going through an ebb time, because how we show up in our low moments, determines our flow, like a constant cycle of energy we create and feel.

Some of the rituals that have created space for more expansion have been:

  • DISCOVERING nasal breathing to help me regulate my heart rate during training, and regulate my stress response during interesting moments that may come up like missing my alarm, getting my wee nephews ready to leave the house, going for an ocean dippy in Winter

  • FEELING so much joy and sense of accomplishment in playing with movement, e.g. headstands and handstands are my fave to explore and play

  • FEELING deep and genuine gratitude for all the flexibility and mobility work I acknowledge I have done over days, weeks, months, years and continue to do so when I make the time and space for it, so that I am able to sit in my favourite eating, resting, stretching position, the Asian squat, with ease and pain-free!

  • FEELING and EXPRESSING appreciation for every person and every thing from my past, present and future to guide me to who I am today

When it comes to showing up for ourselves, it can be a matter of taking off that "onesie" BEFORE we do the mahi and ALLOW ourselves to truly BE AS YOU ARE.

The "onesie" being the layers we put on or roles we step into throughout our day. Which can feel heavy and sometimes pressure us to carry the weight of others and/or their "stuff", instead of...

caring without the carrying.

So which onesies are you putting on?

  • mum/dad onesie

  • wife/hubby/bf/gf onesie

  • sister/brother onesie

  • aunty/uncle onesie

  • friend onesie

  • work colleague/boss onesie

And then there are the "expectations" that may come with them; you "should", "must", "need" to do or be this way; or the "narratives" that may get projected onto you, or you projecting onto others; "You always or never...", or "I always or never..."

Interesting to notice what comes up for us in this space and practice taking off some or all of those onesies to allow ourselves to reset for the next thing in our glorious day.

And ponder a great quote, "How you do anything is how you do everything", to prompt, what would you like to create MORE of in your life right now?

An invitation, if it feels good for you, to observe with gentleness, how you are showing up in each area of your life or our Universal Well-being Philosophy.

An opportunity to take notice, free from judgement and expectation, of what areas you may be grooving in, thriving in, and/or what areas are opportunities to expand!


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