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Challenging "I Don't Have Time"

The biggest “excuse”, in the health and fitness industry we tend to hear is time. I don’t have time for my health, I don’t have time for exercise. I don’t have time to prepare nutritious food. Time time time!

Let’s break this down. We have 168 hours in our week. Let’s assume we sleep a third of that (8 hours per night), leaving 112. Let’s base this on a 38 hour work week, leaving 74 hours. How about time to get ready and travel each day? Down to 64 hours. Meal times, lets allow 2 hours per day, leaving us with 54 hours. Got to spend time with friends and family and allow a few chores, let’s be social and bring that down to 40 hours.

40 hours. What can you do with 40 hours per week? That’s an extra “work week” in YOU time. Thus the excuse of time, actually becomes a balance of priority, time actually is an excuse for “I don’t prioritize my health and wellbeing” A harsh truth. This isn’t a one size fits all approach, yes there are some Mums out there whose 40 hours of “me” time may be struck down or Dads who have to work longer hours and vice versa. Jobs and responsibilities that require more energy and commitment.

But your health and fitness only needs 6 hours of your week. That’s 3.4% of your time. 2-3 hours of exercise, walking, playing sport, going to the gym. A couple of hours to do your shopping and to prepare healthy food. An hour to listen to a podcast, talk a walk on the beach. Do some Yoga or meditation for the mind.

Here at ReDefined we like to educate our Tribe on creating “weekly untouchable times” A few hours of your week, just 3 % of your time, to create time for YOU to prioritize the things that make YOU a better version of yourself. So I challenge you, if you are someone who has put health and wellbeing in the “ I don’t have time “ basket, instead to revisit this, and make it a priority to create your own untouchable times. You only get one shot at this life.

Jimmy August

ReDefined Founder

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