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A Guide to Universal WellBeing

Our ReDefined Universal WellBeing Philosophy is based on the POWER 9 BLUE ZONES - scientific research on the daily practices of some of the worlds longest living populations.

This is the foundation of what we are focused and passionate about integrating into our daily lives as much as possible to thrive vs survive. Scientific evidence from the Blue Zones prove these practices can help down-regulate our nervous system, as many people are in constant states of stress, which can be:

  • Chemical (viruses, processed food, alcohol, drugs, or chemicals you might use on your skin or around home)

  • Mental and emotional (from work, home, personal relationships and often from past experiences going back days, weeks, months, years)

  • Physical (from injury or high intensity training)

Due to the incredible intelligence of our bodies, we can become "normalized" to the fight, flight or freeze states (sympathetic), our bodies can get stuck in when we aren't TRULY listening to our bodies way of thinking, being and doing accumulated over days, weeks, months and years. I.e. we may not "feel" stressed but our body or mental health is speaking to us through physical or mental illness, injury, low energy, or reactive vs. responsive behaviour.

In this state, our body sends most of our blood from our vital organs (heart, lungs, digestive and reproductive system) to the arms and legs so our body can "run" away from the threat vs being in a rest, digest and recovery state (parasympathetic). There in nothing "wrong with you" nor do you need fixing, the human experience is to see all the opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience by getting in "more reps" through the integration of rituals that nourish your body, mind and soul.

Our Well-Being Philosophy is an opportunity to reflect on what areas you're thriving in and what areas you can expand in, then pick one practice to integrate, and then keep adding more as the new rituals start to become habits.


Get more physically active with functional and incidental movement. Find ways to move your body through the day, ideally every 30min if sitting Knowing why you get up in the morning can add up to 7yrs to your life, than those who don't


Knowing why you get up in the morning can add up to 7yrs to your life, than those who don't


Reducing stress and inflammation is crucial to longevity and related to every major age-related disease. Find time each day to meditate, nap, pray, spend time in nature, or time alone


It takes 20min for the stomach to tell the brain its full, so chew your food around 20x to eat till you're 80% full, without a book, TV or phone


Eat whole real food that is light and energises you vs processed food that lowers our energy and can feel heavy. Knowing your energy balance and macros with adequate protein intake is important for long term building and maintaining strong muscles and bones.


Be conscious of your choices and how they can affect the Earth and future of our tamariki by taking collective responsibility for our planets future


Make time for like-minded people with similar values that support, encourage and inspire you. Our social connections can influence our happiness and longevity


Life is about uncertainty, like nature. We all constantly face challenges in life, and resilience comes from working through and learning from these times with a proactive mindset vs reactive mindset


Life is about balance, not deprivation. Make time to enjoy yourself and your life. If we can maintain our lifestyle of whole real food and daily movement, we can also allow ourselves the yumminess of having a wine, a piece of cake or a deep belly laugh. Choose to focus on what you have vs what you don't have, because what you focus on grows

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