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As busy parents, we know it can be challenging to make time to stay fit and healthy. That's why we're thrilled to offer our mums and dads free childminding services while you train with us!

childcare is
included in all

On weekdays, 9.05am and 9.15am classes, we look after your little bundles of energy so you can focus on your workout. Whether it's with a Personal Trainer, in classes, or training on your own in our Results Room, you can feel secure knowing that your child is being engaged and entertained in a safe, stimulating environment with our 2 Childcare Assistants

per 8 children ratio.


We will be sure to keep your child entertained with fun games and help them explore natural movement. All part of our Wellbeing Philosophy here at ReDefined.

Please note that this isn't a drop-off service and you must be on-site at all times while your child is here.

Age range 3 months to 5 years. 

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