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Finding Harmony

The world has been in a dominantly Yang/Masculine Energy of competing, comparing, logic, structure, control for a while. With deep gratitude and appreciation, this has led to amazing advancements that enable us to access or buy nearly anything we want. We can access so much through technology, it continues to evolve faster than humans can keep up with and adapt to, like not having to "hunt and gather" our food, create cooling or warmth for our homes, or having to "look out" for a Saber Tooth Tiger in cavemen/woman times.

Our incredible bodies are built to protect us from not dying, which is no longer the Tiger but can instead be a difficult colleague, "bad" traffic, worrying about why someone hasn't texted you back etc. Whatever the "stress", whether what you've created in your mind to predict a future outcome or what you're physically experiencing in a HIIT workout, our body doesn't know the difference.

All it knows is you're in danger, which can be fight, either with verbal or physical aggression; flight by escaping or running away; freeze by fainting, dissociating or closing yourself to the world around you; fawn can look like people-pleasing. None of these are wrong or bad, but an innate knowingness from our bodies to protect itself as best as it can with what it knows in that moment. So this is an opportunity to take notice of how often we may be in these states of stress, over days, weeks, months and years, and help us understand why we (especially the Western World) are so focused on control and certainty which makes us feel safe.

Being in constant stress and inflammation creates dis-ease in our bodies like illnesses and injuries. "Toxic thoughts create toxic chemicals in our bodies" - Michael Beckwith

The more time we spend in this energy of looking outward for people or things outside of us to affirm our value or lovability, or project our frustrations on, the more it pulls us away from our true nature of being love and pure possibility, which is how we were born into this world, 1 in 400 trillion are the odds (1 trillion is one thousand million), meaning we LITERALLY are a miracle simply for existing!

"The power that made the body can heal the body, Dr Joe Dispenza."

It also lessens our knowledge about Indigenous Wisdom from our ancestors, like our Maori whanau, who know what plants can be used for medicinal practices, navigate with the stars, and connect wholeheartedly with themselves and their tribe, which is about trusting the unknown of what you can't see physically in front of you as proof that it exists or is real. I have to "see it to believe it" vs "I believe it before I see it." Can you trust, believe and surrender to what is vs trying to control or predict?

Stepping into our Yin/Feminine Energy balances all the "doing" with "being" like creating, playfulness, flow, collaboration, nurturing and intuition. Somatic Yin is an invitation to enquire within and allow our bodies to flow and move in ways that feel good for a physical, mental, emotional and energetic release.

Release from the noise of the world outside of us, and the thoughts, words and feelings that come from inside of us. This world fosters inadequacy by projecting judgement and expectation of what we should or need to look like, talk like, eat like, fitness like, dress like, live like, in order to be loved or of value, versus our own innate knowing.

If you are interested in exploring more of what it means to be YOU, what it feels like to be YOU, and to be present and ok with what is, whatever the experience, please come join me on Sat 19 Nov @5pm for my first Yin event at ReDefined

Namaste You, Namaste Me

Coach JLo x

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