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Embrace the Challenge

A mantra here at ReDefined we have long been passionate about, “Be Proactive, Not Reactive”. Embrace Challenges. It is far too often we are caught up in situations we have no control over. How do we react to these challenges?

If we are stuck in traffic, are we yelling the car in front of us, or are we playing a podcast? Are we angry at being locked down, when the decision is out of our hands? Is your reaction reactive, do you make the situation worse? Or is your reaction proactive, you find ways to make the situation better?

This is massive not just in our day-to-day life, but in the pursuit our health and fitness goals. How do we react when the scales don’t tell us what we want them to, when we binge at the weekend, when a week’s worth of planned workouts fail to materialise? Too often what we tend to see is that reactive emotion. To throw in the towel, so go on another binge, to not go do a workout on Friday just because we haven’t exercised all week.

No one is perfect, the age of Instagram, and influencers, might lead to perceptions of this. But even the fittest and healthiest of us are far from perfect. So how might be we be proactive next time challenges are faced? How might we embrace the challenge?

Start with your mindset. But most of all don’t punish yourself, be more accepting of who you are. If you have a bingeful weekend, it's ok, but let’s go for a walk and do some exercise on Monday. Don’t feel like training, today, it’s been a stressful day. It's ok, tomorrow is a new day.

How might this proactive mentality Effect stressful situations? We should all now be aware that stress is a silent long-term killer.? Trouble at work? How can you make it better, not worse? Feeling stressed? Go for a walk. Stuck in traffic? Put your favorite album on. The effects on your overall wellbeing and wellness are immense, when you can look to better negative situations…

Food for thought

Jimmy – ReDefined Founder

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