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We are breaking the mould with Reformer Pilates Teacher Training, and developing a new breed of teachers! This course isn't just for those who want to become a Reformer Pilates teacher, but anyone with a keen interest in how the body works, or just wants to upskill their current knowledge base.


Fusing traditional Joseph Pilates’ principles and modern dynamic functional exercises, you will leave the course with high-quality coaching techniques and delivery methods that will not only empower you to create exceptional Reformer Pilates classes but also exceed industry expectations and standards. 


Fusion’s comprehensive course is a thorough and balanced blend of theory, observation, and practical experience, designed and led by Sam Burch, Head Of Pilates at ReDefined.


All our training is endorsed by REPs NZ and qualifies for REPS CPD points. You will get 20 REPs NZ Accredited CPD points for each level completed. Fusion graduates will be able to travel overseas with an internationally recognised Reformer Pilates education. 


This is the first course of its kind offered in New Zealand. There is no course that teaches both Classical and Dynamic Reformer Pilates. As Joseph Pilates once said, “Change Happens Through Movement, and Movement Heals".

From our Course Instructor – Sam Burch:


“For me movement is everything, it clears my mind, makes me focused, and simply brings me joy.

I have enjoyed giving a wide variety of sports and different types of exercise a go over the years taking particular enjoyment in functional fitness in the gym environment.


In my later years, I have been more drawn to using exercise and movement to achieve body balance and quality and longevity of life. When I became a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer

I wasn't sure exactly what direction I was heading.


It was when a colleague passed my name to a Dynamic Reformer Pilates studio that my world opened and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. After being trained in this modern Dynamic Reformer Pilates style and taking these fitness classes for a couple of years I was curious to know where it all started. When the opportunity came to learn classical Pilates I naturally jumped at it.


Now I bring the two modalities together to achieve the very best for the body. My specialty is Pilates,

my passion is using Pilates and movement to give quality and longevity of life”


Upon completing the Fusion course, you will be able to:

  • Teach Reformer Pilates exercises, understanding the exercises theoretically and physically

  • Verbalise exercises with versatility

  • Correct postures, principles, and exercises effectively and safely

  • Modify exercises for a given client and to teach workouts specific to a client's needs

  • Develop the knowledge and understanding which are needed to safely teach and adjust reformer Pilates classes

  • Change the physical set-up of the reformer to suit a huge variety of exercises

Fusion Teacher Training Course is divided into 2 levels and each level consists of a 30-hour, 4-day workshop. For both levels, trainees will receive a Fusion Teacher Training manual, containing a detailed analysis of each exercise required, complete with teaching tips. Upon completion, you will become an effective, safe, hands-on instructor and will know how to confidently modify and teach Reformer Pilates to any client. Our course is supportive, fun, and an enriching environment to learn in and we look forward to welcoming more Pilates trainees to the Fusion Teacher Training course this year.



10th June & 11th June

17th June & 18th June


• Understanding the many variations and modifications which will allow you to adapt the moves to suit the differing needs and goals of your clients


• Enhance the essential teaching skills to improve your client’s movement quality and deliver a safe and effective Reformer class in any environment


• Understand the health & safety aspects of teaching on the Reformer


• Learn 55 exercises including regressions and progressions


• 20 REPs NZ Accredited CPD points upon completion




5th August & 6th August

12th August & 13th August


• Learn the progressive Reformer Pilates repertoire, from the intermediate to  advanced exercises


• Learn to deliver more advanced movements to challenge clients further and develop a greater range of levels and modifications


• Learn over 40+ advanced exercises including regressions and progressions

• Design and deliver your own sessions + other practical assessments


• 20.0 REPs NZ Accredited CPD points upon completion


"Really enjoyed that, I feel much more confident leading Pilates classes now that I have done this and had the time to really play with the exercises more myself and had the opportunity to ask questions then and there. Thank you Sam GREAT job!" Victoria L.

"I can’t recommend this course enough… Sam delivered this course with massive energy, knowledge & precision over x2 weekends! I really enjoyed going through the Level 1 Reformer Pilates course with so many like-minded individuals. If anyone wants to become a Reformer Pilates instructor this course is for you… or even just to learn more about your body and how you should move without pain - this course will teach you how to engage your pelvic floor correctly and in turn, improve any pain or discomfort in your back/pelvic floor. Thank you, Sam!" Nickee E.

"It was so a fun experience for me, every day we laughed and learned so much! I enjoyed and loved it - thank you, Sam. You are awesome!" Jason F.

"I really enjoyed the training and appreciate the opportunity to attend. I cannot wait for module 2!" Hanna W.

"This Reformer Pilates course opened up a whole new world of information to me, as well as a wealth of skills. Sam is very friendly and helpful, and the course material was interesting and challenging. I'd advise anyone considering taking a reformer course to look into this one. You will not be disappointed!" Nadia K.

"The course was fast flowing with an active learning process to ensure you get the most out of the time. I would highly recommend this course to other trainers who have no reformer experience as well as existing Pilates Reformer instructors." Milena P.

"Sam was fantastic at delivering this course in a great team environment. The course was well structured and easy to follow, especially as I’m new to the Pilates world. I still have lots to learn and can’t wait for level 2!" Bruna M.





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