What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are Reflex areas in the Feet, Hands and Ears that are relative to every Organ, Function, System and part of the Human Body.

Reflexology is a unique and ancient method of using specific thumb and finger techniques on these Reflexes to Regain and Maintain Homeostasis in a very safe, gentle and non-intrusive way.

Reflexology is a Drug-Free, Complementary Therapy that offers Preventative Healthcare.

I also offer Auricular Therapy through massage/palpitation or by affixing a small Ear Pellet onto acupressure points that reflect what presents in the feet and/or hands. 

This helps to prolong the benefits of the Reflexology session.  


How can Reflexology help me?

Regular sessions gently work the body back to Homeostasis enhancing the Natural Healing Ability that we all have.


Reflexology can;

  • Improve Blood and Nerve congestion

  • Relieve Stress and Tension

  • Ease Depression

  • Improve Sleeping Patterns

  • Enhance Lymphatic Drainage

  • Boost your Immune System

  • Improve Circulation

  • Encourage Elimination of Wastes and Toxins

  • Increase the efficiency of all Organs and Cells

  • Activate the body's Self-Healing Ability


General Well-Being is promoted and Energy levels can be increased!




After a diverse career background I discovered my passion for Reflexology and the Holistic power it has to offer.

I quickly gained NZ and International qualifications in Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology to begin my journey, following my passion of helping others gain positive results with their overall health.

With my eagerness to learn about the body and it's innate Healing system I added the Ayurvedic based modalities of Indian Head Massage and Natural Facelift Massage through the London Centre of Indian Champissage. 

I have lived in the sunny Bay with my family for over 20 years where I spend most of my spare time enjoying the luscious beach, on my bike or exploring the many bush walks we are so fortunate to have on our back door.

I look forward to meeting with you and assisting you where I can with a holistic approach to your general well-being. 





60 MINS - $100

30 MINS - $70

Reflexology is best undertaken with 1-hour Treatments for 3 to 4 weekly sessions.

This helps the body to return to Homeostasis. (Balance)

A Maintenance Program is then recommended to ensure the body's Natural Healing Ability continues.

It is at this point that half hour treatments are also available to suit your schedule.



30 MINS. - $80

Indian Head Massage (IHM) is an ancient Ayurvedic Technique that has been practised for over a 1000 years working on the Physical, Psychological and Energy Levels.
It provides a De-stressing Treatment for the Whole Body by massaging the Upper Back, Shoulders, Arms, Neck, Head, Scalp and Face where all our Stress and Tension can be stored.



NFLM is best undertaken over a course of 6 consecutive weekly treatments as it has a Cumulative effect.

A monthly maintenance program is then recommended to ensure the positive effects continue. 

Facial exercises will also be given to complete at home.



In Reflexology, Indian Head Massage (IHM) And Natural Facelift Massage (NFLM) we aim to work with the Whole Person.
These all fall under the Holistic Approach to Health-Care whereby the ‘Whole’ person is considered and not just focusing on a symptom.
This is based on the idea that Health is a result of Harmony between the Body, Mind and Spirit.
All Physical, Psychological, Social and Environmental factors are considered when undertaking treatments.  

Remember nothing has to be wrong to reap the benefits of any bodywork. We all have to look after ourselves. We only get 1 body in this lifetime and the key is to move it, nurture it and maintain it!!  


NFLM has been developed from ancient cultures dating back some 4000 years ago.

Techniques focus on Acupressure points, Energy balancing, Polarity therapy and Swedish style massage.

With simple hands-on moves derived from the Ayurveda healing System, the Aging process can be delayed, Habitual Facial expressions softened and Lines  and wrinkles minimized.

Pressure Points are stimulated.

Stress and Tension can be relieved and removed from facial and neck muscles.

NFLM works on the structure of the skin and the underlying tissue and muscles.

Restrictions are eased allowing the connective tissue to Regain both Elasticity and Flexibility

NFLM does NOT use any oils or creams.

This makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Your skin becomes softer.

Complexion and skin tone improves.

Your Body's energy flow will be improved and your mental attitude will be more positive.

NFLM will prove to you that you do not need Cosmetic surgery to look and feel younger.

Your Overall Well-Being will be adjusted for the better.

NFLM has a direct effect on your Nervous System, evoking the Parasympathetic Nervous  System which you will find Deeply Relaxing, allowing anxiety to be calmed and depression to be lifted.  

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