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 Naturopathy & Natural Medicine 

Emma Gibson

Degree-qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, & Yin Yoga + Pilates Instructor  
NaLA Natural Medicine & Nutrition | @nala__nz


Emma brings with her a deep fascination in the mind and body, and the multifaceted nature of health and healing. It was her own health challenges that led her to discover the healing power of whole-foods, herbal medicine, and a mindful approach to movement. In this way, she embodies her work as a way of life. At the heart of her offerings is a passion to equip and empower clients to feel and function at their absolute best, merging science with self-care to simplify what it means to live well, resilient, and at ease.


No two people are the same, nor is their experience, or combination of causes, of a given symptom or condition. With this in mind, Emma weaves together science with traditional evidence-based medicine to deliver treatment that is tailored to the individual. Her comprehensive care seeks to identify and address the underlying cause(s) of current health challenges to re-establish sustainable wellbeing. 


My practice is built upon the belief that we are designed and deserve to feel and function optimally, as nature intended. It is through simple, sustainable shifts in what we consume (food, and beyond), our day-to-day habits and lifestyle practices, and our mind-body connection that we can restore and sustain a baseline of optimal health.


“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well” - Hippocrates

The body has an innate ability to heal itself and is constantly working away, without you having to tell it to do so, to keep things in balance. My approach aims to augment this natural healing ability and remove the barriers to true health, allowing healing to happen.


Consultation offers you the opportunity to fully explore your health concerns, conditions, or goals, and be guided in rediscovering what it looks and feels like for you to be truly well. Naturally, this requires an in-depth investigation into your physical, mental, and emotional health, beliefs, relationships, sense of satisfaction, support system, and your home and work environment. Lab and functional tests may also be recommended where clinically relevant, and treatment is a combination of personalized practices (dietary & lifestyle), prescriptions (nutritional and herbal supplementation), and ongoing education and empowerment. 


What can I help you with? 

Emma enjoys working in all aspects of health with a particular interest in: 

  • Women’s health and hormonal imbalance  

  • Preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum care 

  • Gut health and digestive dysfunction

  • Skin conditions

  • Mood & mental wellbeing 

  • Stress, anxiety, and overwhelm 

  • Immune dysregulation and inflammation

  • Fatigue and sleep disorders

  • Prevention and performance


CLINIC AVAILABILITY: Emma practices ONLINE and is available Wednesdays 1.30-5.00pm, Thursdays 3.00-6.00pm, with weekend appointments available on request.

What is Naturopathy? 

Naturopathy is a holistic, evidence-based and tailored approach to healthcare. The comprehensive nature of naturopathic care seeks to address the root cause of concerns rather than merely suppressing symptoms, augment the body's innate ability to heal, and returning an empowered sense of self-responsibility to the client through education and empowerment.


"Food can either be the safest, most effective form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." 

Ann Wigmore


Holistic & Therapeutic Approach to Nutrition 

In practice, I simply cannot just address the what and how much, it is equally if not more important to explore the who (individuality), why (beliefs and behaviors), and how (digestion, absorption, detoxification, metabolism, and stress status).


I will always investigate how food may be exacerbating or alleviating symptoms and hindering health and healing. I myself have never subscribed to a specific way of eating and thus focus on a holistic, therapeutic and lasting approach to nutritional recommendations in the clinic. In other words, understanding the what and how of eating the most nutrient-dense, health-promoting, wholefoods diet that is right for you, your goals, and focused on longevity. In certain cases, therapeutic diets may be prescribed for a short duration of time, to facilitate healing. 


Whether you’re about to start your health journey or are well on your way but feel a nudge toward an integrative, holistic approach, I would love to hear from you! Book your FREE Discovery Chat below.





20 MIN - FREE!

A free service for you to have a quick chat with Emma and get a guideline to services , issues your are facing and how she can help!



75 MINS - $180

A comprehensive analysis of your current health concerns, medical health history, dietary and lifestyle factors, and any relevant pathology and/or functional test results. Together we will work to address the underlying cause of your concerns using a combination of nutrition, lifestyle, herbal medicine and supplementation tailored to you. 



30 MINS - $80

Follow up consultations are aimed at assessing your progress, monitoring herbal and nutritional supplementation, and adding to/adjusting nutritional and naturopathic guidance to ensure you are empowered in achieving your health goals. 

Please note that Emma works with us remotely, and all sessions are offered via ZOOM, with the option of in person catch ups monthly when Emma Visits

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